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Real estate is a lucrative business! Learning the ins and outs of the real estate world can be challenging, but the experts at Brighter Investments are here to guide you through the basics.

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During this seminar, we invite attendees to learn about increasing their overall financial worth through owning real estate. This one day event includes professionals and experts in the real estate field ready to share their knowledge with any individual searching for information.

This is a fantastic way to network with contractors, realtors, and many others in the field. We will show you how to purchase a property, renovate, and even sell your investment for a profit. Our goal is to inspire and motivate individuals ready to take the next step towards their career in real estate. Join us in April to learn more!

Date and Time

Thursday, April 19, 2018
6:00PM – 8:00PM BST


Crowne Plaza

19 New Bridge St




United Kingdom


Here at 1st UK Mortgages, we are devoted to providing individuals with less than perfect credit different options to purchase, or remortgage, their dream home. We understand that life happens, and past credit problems aren’t a reflection of financial situations today. 1st UK Mortgages is here to provide bad credit mortgages to individuals that would like a chance to own their how home – visit today to learn more.


Crowne Plaza
19 New Bridge St
Blackfriars, London
United Kingdom